Jen (tiny_footprint) wrote in irishtwinbabies,


Hey guys! This is a brand-spanking-new community. It was created in February of 2006 and is for people who are expecting irish twins, or have had irish twins.

Irish Twins are two babies born within a year of each other, or both born the same year.

I am currently pregnant with my second child, who we are planning on naming, Noah Robert. I had my son, Ryan James, back in September of 2005 and got pregnant in November. I am due in July of 06 with Noah. So Ryan will be 10 months old, and therefore, Ryan and Noah will be Irish Twins.

So if you are currently pregnant with your second, or third, or even fourth child, and it's going to be an Irish Twin to a previous baby, join the community! Or if you already have Irish Twins, feel free to join too! Us new mommies would be glad to have some advice and help from other mommies (or daddies!) who have tackled this already!

Thanks, and I hope you join!

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